Israeli Money

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New banknotes in Israel have several levels of protection. The banknotes in the series incorporate advanced levels of security, innovation, and accessibility. They include a range of advanced anti-counterfeiting security features and integrate designated features to facilitate their use by the blind and vision impaired. The notes are designed vertically. One side of the banknotes includes portraits of historical figures and well-known cultural figures, other side of the banknote inscludes symbols and characters. The largest denomination in Israel is two hundred shekels. These two hundred shekel banknotes in circulation two types and they are different years of manufacture. These banknotes are different from each other as the color and size. The new banknotes have blue color and was released in 2015. The Bank of Israel issued also in 2014 year new samples of 50 shekels. Any tourist who visits another country should learn the banknotes and explore color, dignity, year and other important aspects of a country's currency.

I will gladly answer to all your questions which you can ask in the comments.

банкнота стоимостью 20 шекелейбанкнота стоимостью 50 шекелей

банкнота стоимостью 100 шекелейбанкнота стоимостью 200 шекелей

банкнота стоимостью 50 шекелей 2014 года

банкнота стоимостью 200 шекелей 2015 года

Израильские монеты


Встречаются,но очень редко. Чтобы избежать получение фальшивых купюр обменивайте валюту только в пунктах где есть оборудование для обнаружение поддельных банкнот.


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